PSC and MAWLR Assess Progress of Kunene IREMA Project

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PSC and MAWLR assess progress of Kunene IREMA Project

The Environmental Investement Fund of Namibia’s (EIF) Green Climate Fund (GCF) Improving rangeland and ecosystem management practices of smallholder farmers under conditions of climate change in Sesfontein, Fransfontein, and Warmquelle areas of the Republic of Namibia (IREMA Kunene Project)” hosted its Project Steering Committee members (PSC) for the IREMA project and Senior Management from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform (MAWLR)recently concluded a week long assessment of IREMA Project interventions in the Kunene Region.

The Project steering committee members and executive from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform undertook the weeklong field mission to the project sites to familiarise themselves with project status updates, to inform their decision making during the 7th PSC meeting held on the 18th of August 2023. The visit to the project sites was necessitated to demonstrate to the PSC members, progress on the ground whilst furthermore providing the members with the opportunity to assess impacts on the ground and offer remedial support.

The trip was combined with field exposure visits and familiarization with selected project activities on the ground. The aim was to ensure PSC members and executive from the ministry have at a practical ground picture of the project outputs and an insight of the project impact, and hold engagements with various stakeholders and beneficiaries of the project.

On day one the team visited the Fransfontein Community Garden, a small stock revolving fund beneficiary and rehabilitated borehole at Springbokvlakte and one day two they assessed project sites at the Sesfontein Community Garden, Warmquelle and Khowarib Green Schemes. On day three the team held an engagement meeting with Hon. Marius Sheya, Governor of the Kunene Region. The office of the Kunene regional governor is a key stakeholder towards the effective implementation of all the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia funded projects in the region. The delegation and the regional governor engaged on the various impact of project interventions and opportunities for future cooperation. The governor further applauded the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia for consistently fostering and unveiling opportunities for engagement with various stakeholders and beneficiaries to effectively assess the impact of its projects on the ground.

The Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF), in collaboration with MAWLR, through the Directorate of Agriculture Production Extension and Engineering Services (DAPEES) implements the Green Climate Fund (GCF) funded project titled “SAP001: Improving Rangeland and Ecosystem Management Practices of Smallholder Farmers Under Conditions of Climate Change in Sesfontein, Fransfontein and Warmquelle Areas “IREMA” project” in the Kunene region. The IREMA Kunene project was approved in 2018 and commenced in 2019, with a completion date of February 2024.The GCF investment for this project amounts to US$ 9.3 million and matched by the Namibian Government contribution to the tune of US$700,000. The project is also being executed by the MAWLR under an agreement with the EIF. Some of its notable activities include the development of an early warning system for disaster risk management, solar-retrofitting and rehabilitation of selected boreholes/water points, development of backyard gardens and rehabilitation of Warmquelle and Khowarib Green Schemes.

As a standard process, the aim of the Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting is to have a platform where members interrogate and discuss issues pertaining to the project implementation and makes harmonized decisions for accurate implementation of the project activities. Among the discussions held, the PSC deliberated on the sustainability of the two projects beyond their implementation periods, and the challenges that are poised towards the effective sustainability of the projects beyond completion. The PSC members further deliberated on the incorporation of the the projects into the MAWLR annual work plans for ease of implementation and execution. IREMA project project steering committee meeting was held at Khorixas.