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Development Finance Institutions in Namibia, namely, Agribank, Development Bank of Namibia, Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia and the National Housing Enterprise, are set to host the 2023 SADC-DFIs network forum meetings, under the SADC Development Finance Resource Centre (SADC-DFRC). The engagements are scheduled to be held from 6 - 9 June 2023, in Swakopmund, under the theme “Balancing DFI developmental mandate with sustainability.” 

The DFRC is a lean organization staffed by professional staff in the strategic areas and employs a collaborative approach which involves utilization of complementary external technical partners in its focal areas, and serves as a facilitator and catalyst to DFIs, SADC governments and other key development stakeholders. 

Its mandate is to promote the effective mobilization of resources by the financial sector, in particular the DFIs, for investment in key areas with the potential to stimulate growth, generate employment and alleviate poverty, in line with the objectives of SADC under the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP). 

Against this background, the objective of the forum is to discuss and share experiences on how DFIs have been able to mobilise appropriately priced (low cost) capital to meet their developmental mandates and close existing market gaps, particularly in such sectors as SMMEs and infrastructure development that, due to a number of factors such as high risk and long project gestation periods, have traditionally been shunned by commercial banks. Thus, the forum will discuss available resources to DFIs on the domestic and international capital markets, nature, conditions of access and climate change financing institution such as the Green Climate Fund among others. 

Furthermore, the forum will also look into how DFIs have fared under different forms of regulation and governance structures and how these impact their sustainability and what would be best practice in these areas. 

To address DFI sustainability and effective mandate execution, the forum will draw speakers from MFIs, ICPs, DFIs and regional organisations that focus on DFI regulation and governance, among others. Panel discussions consisting largely of network member DFIs will constitute the main focus of the forum as this would present the opportunity to share information and experiences and the adoption of emerging best practices. 

Besides DFI CEOs and senior executives, the forum will also be attended by senior officials of regional and international DFIs, resource mobilisation specialists and Government officials, among other development stakeholders. The Deputy Minister of Finance and Public Enterprises, Hon. Maureen Hinda-Mbuende, will officiate at the event. 


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