EIF Gender Champions

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EIF hosted a gender strategy workshop at the prestigious Windhoek Country Club last week, marking a pivotal moment in the journey towards gender equality and women's empowerment in Namibia.

Designed around three key activities, this workshop was aimed at equipping EIF employees and management with the tools and knowledge needed to champion gender inclusion within the organization. 


Here's what went down:


1️⃣Gender Awareness & Strategy: Participants delved into EIF's cutting-edge gender policy, strategy, and action plan, gaining crucial insights into the global context of gender empowerment trends in financial services.

2️⃣Champion Training: Ten enthusiastic individuals were chosen to become gender champions, armed with the skills to lead the charge for gender mainstreaming within EIF. From middle management to portfolio management, these champions are poised to make a real difference. These gender champions are Kredula Shimwandi, Salome Naivela, Sakeus Shilomboleni, McNell Shaningwa, Vicky Gawases, Bernadette Shalumbu, Philadelphia Buys, Helvi Iileka, Pandeni Kapia and Tjingeje Tjipueja. 

3️⃣Targeted Workshops: Tailored sessions addressed specific audiences, ensuring that everyone from operations to commercial teams was empowered to drive gender inclusion forward.

Through dynamic and interactive sessions, participants learned how to create SMART goals, track progress, and effectively communicate on gender issues. With a focus on practical application rather than theory, the workshops fostered a collaborative environment for peer learning and discussion.

The workshop was facilitated by Sophie Romana and Camilla Torresan from the Internationale Projekt Consult GmbH and supported by the Investment Climate Reform (ICR) Facility.