Who We Are

The Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF) is a fund created by Act 13 of 2001 of the Parliament of the Republic of Namibia with the overall aim of continuing this great legacy by supporting individuals, projects and communities that ensure the sustainable use of natural resources.

Managing for the future

As a developing country, Namibia is heavily dependent on natural resources for our economic development through mining, fishing, farming and tourism. Yet many Namibians do not benefit directly from these natural riches. One of our priorities is to address this skewed access. The goal is to have a more inclusive approach, and to regulate the use of natural resources to prevent wastage, inefficiency and degradation.

The EIF was officially launched in 2012 and is currently funded by a Government allocation with the mandates to tap on local conservation fees and environmental levies. These funds will be used to invest in the protection of the environment, its biological diversity and ecological life-support functions; and the promotion of sustainable natural resources use for economic development by supporting green and environmental enterprises.

The EIF is building a sustainable fund that supports a variety of new and existing initiatives in the country. In doing so, we create partnerships with NGOs, Government, community-based organisations and the business community to ensure that our projects are well–positioned in the socio-economic and environmental tapestry of development, and to guarantee the buy–in of our local and international stakeholders.