The EIF has established a sponsorship framework that provides clear guidelines on the engagement of any sponsorship activity, to ensure that such activity is undertaken with full cognizance of the Strategic Vision and Organisational Values of the Fund and ultimately contributes towards fulfilling sustainable development needs of the country.

Eligible activities

The Fund will consider sponsorship requests that fall within the following broad areas:

Training, research and awareness raising on environmental issues such as climate change, land degradation, sustainable waste management practices and recycles; and the promotion of green technologies. Support for awareness-raising and training on relevant environmental and related industry legislation and policies may also be considered on merit. 

Catalytic activities, events and pilot projects that support environmental entrepreneurship and stewardship.


EIF sponsorship will not be provided in the following instances

- where initiatives compete with existing EIF initiatives.

- where initiatives conflict with the EIF legislation or policy.

- where initiatives allow for individual gain or profit.

- where initiatives discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, disability or religion.

- where there is a high risk to the reputation of EIF through inappropriate association, e.g. tobacco, alcohol or drug-related sponsorships.