The Fund has a mandate of sourcing and channeling investments towards environmental protection. This mandate goes beyond the borders of the institutions. Over the years we have managed to foster and maintain key strategic alliances and partnerships in pursuit of our goals and objectives.


Ministry of Environment

       Ministry of Environment and Tourism

       Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development

       Ministry of Finance

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       The Sam Nujoma Foundation

dbn logo

       Development Bank of Namibia

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       Namibia Association of CBNRM based Support Organisations (NACSO)

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       South South North

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       Nedbank Go Green Fund (Nedbank Go Green Fund)

 UNDP - Small Grants Programme logo

       The UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme

 UNCCD COP11 logo

       UNCCD COP11

 Global Sustainable Finance Network LOGO

       Global Sustainable Finance Network

 drfn logo

       Desert Research Foundation of Namibia

 GreenFund logo

       Green Fund of South Africa


       Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR)


       Namibia Energy Institute (NEI)


       Green Climate Fund (GCF)