Information Disclosure Policy

It is in the interest of each organization to provide clear, timely and reliable information that is adequately prepared, and to make relevant information equally accessible to all stakeholders. At the Environmental Investment Fund, we believe that strong disclosure promotes transparency in addition to being an important aspect of good governance.

How do we disclose information?

Regular corporate reports such as Annual and quarterly report are used at the Fund to disclose financial information and activities of the fund to its stakeholders. Annual Reports are prepared and published annually before 30 September each year, while the newsletter is published bi-annually. 

EIF annual reports

GreenViewpoint newsletter

Procurement notices and procurement awards are published on the EIF website, in order to fairly 

Procurement notices

Procurement awards


The Publication of regular reports and public notices however does not exempt the obligation of disclosure of other information pertaining to governance and specific disclosure of potential interest of staff. It is for this reason the Fund has implemented a staff information disclosure that also tracks asset disclosure, all captured in the EIF Disclosure policy.

Download a copy of the Fund’s Disclosure Policy here!