TOR for Office Assistant

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The purpose of this position is to provide general office administrative for the EIF. The responsibilities of the Office Assistant include but are not limited to:

  • Receive and assist visitors to the EIF and direct them to the appropriate person.

  • Ensure proper administration and record keeping.

  • Schedule official meetings and take the minutes of the meeting if necessary

  • Send important faxes, mails or letters

  • Receive couriers, packages and mails

  • Responsible for up-keeping of all offices and boardroom.

  • Maintain office hygiene, health and professional presentation.

  • Make and serve tea & coffee for meetings & management staff.

  • Stock control of refreshments and cleaning materials.

  • Ensure that the reception area is clean and orderly so it is a pleasant place for visitors

    to wait.

  • Participate in the planning process at operational level.

  • Support all other staff members to take on any job of a similar nature that will

    further the interest and well-being of the EIF.

  • Maintain highest professional and ethical standards.

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Published on Nov 15 2019